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Experts in Quartz Tubing, Quartz Rods and Quartz Cutting

fused quartz glass rods
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Great Lakes Glasswerks is a leading quartz supplier—including quartz tubing and quartz rods—for a variety of applications. We offer a wide range of sizes of clear and translucent quartz products that deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices. We also provide some of the fastest turnaround times of all quartz suppliers, plus expert guidance as needed and the flexibility to meet any need.

Our Quartz Glass Products Include:

  • Quartz Tubes

  • Quartz Plates

  • Fused Quartz Rods

  • Ground & Polished Discs

  • Quartz Beads

  • Microscope Slides

quartz glass rods, test tubes

With more than 20 years of quartz cutting experience and highly-skilled technicians, we offer comprehensive cutting, grinding, milling and drilling services to hold tight tolerances to deliver the precise shapes and dimensions required for any application.

quartz cutting and machining
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