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Quartz Glass Cutting & Machining

As experts in quartz cutting, we know that the successful function of machined quartz depends on three critical aspects:

  • Quality of the Raw Material

  • Precise Dimensions

  • Flawless Finish


We start with ultra-pure quartz, which will undergo cutting, milling, grinding and drilling to achieve the required dimensions. Finishes are achieved through a series of lapping and polishing processes.

fused quartz glass tubes

At Great Lakes Glasswerks, we have the capability to cut almost any shape and size quartz plates and quartz tubes. Whether working from a rough sketch, detailed drawing or written description, the combination of our equipment, fixturing, attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that the part you order will meet your exact requirements for quality and value. We will work with you to guarantee you have the right quartz glass for your application, or we can cut material supplied by you precisely to your specifications.

quartz glass tube cutting

High Volume Together with High Quality

Great Lakes Glasswerks has the capability to deliver on small or large projects. Even with large, high-volume projects, we maintain exceptional quality through a proprietary process to wet-cut both smaller bore (3mm OD to 13mm OD) and larger bore (up to 150mm) tubing and rod. The result is a superior finish. Our proprietary process also delivers higher yield and less failure than the score and snap method—failure that can arise from mechanical stress caused by minute fissures and uneven cuts.


High-Volume Quartz Glass Cutting

Great Lakes Glasswerks specializes in small bore volume cutting. We offer traditional score and snap ends along with a proprietary wet-cut process that yields a cut of visibility higher quality [BH1] at a competitive price.


High-Volume Angle Cutting

We are one of the few, if not the only, quartz tube cutting facility that offers bulk pricing on specialized, small bore angle cuts. We can cut the jobs that other companies “no-quote.”


Quartz Glass Cutting and Machining Services

Whatever quartz cutting or machining your project requires, we have the equipment and experience to provide parts that meet your specifications and schedule.

small bore quartz glass tube
precision quartz glass cutting

Precision Quartz Tube Cutting

Large diameter quartz tube cutting (up to 6 inch diameter)

Small bore quartz tube cutting

OD Grinding of Quartz Tubes


An OD grinder grinds the outer diameter of a cylindrical workpiece. Grinding or chamfering removes sharp edges which reduces significantly the possibility of cuts, and injuries, to people handling the glass piece.

precision grinding quartz tubes
quartz glass tubes
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